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Essex County

The Essex County Superior Court is located at 50 West Market Street in Newark New Jersey. The Court presided over indictable criminal charges. Examples of this type of charge are Possession of CDS, Distribution in a School Zone or Park, Aggravated Assault, Theft over $200, Prescription Drug Fraud and Gun Possession offenses.

This is just a few examples of the sort of criminal cases the court hears, but one thing is for certain. Attorneys at our firm have the experience and track record to give you the best shot at beating the rap. If your case goes to trial, we have the not guilty verdicts under our belt. If your case needs to be negotiated, we have countless success stories.

We have appeared in just about every Essex County Municipal Court and are in the Essex County Superior Court with great frequency. We understand how the Court works, who works in it, and how to properly structure a criminal defense with the entire localized nuance that goes into it.

This is the current information on the Judges sitting in the Criminal Division by phone number and court room:


Vazquez, Peter J., P.J.
Court Room: 604

Cifelli, Alfonse J.
Court Room: 1102

Cronin, Martin G.
Court Room: 804

Gardner, Robert H.
Court Room: 802

Hutchins-Henderson, Sherry
Court Room: 1202

Leath, Verna G.
Court Room: 904

Petrolle, Michael A.
Court Room: 602

Ravin, Michael L.
Court Room: 1104

Ryan, Peter V.
Court Room: 1204

Santiago, Ramona A.
Court Room: 704

Teare, Siobhan A.
Court Room: 902

Wright, Carolyn E.
Court Room: 1004

All of location unless otherwise listed are the Veterans Courthouse in Newark. The number for the criminal division is 973-693-5700. Court is held Monday through Friday.

One of the hardest things for most people to understand who are charged with a criminal offense in Essex County is the administrative process. The Court system is confusing. Missing a court date can result in a warrant. Knowing the status of your case and the various stages of the criminal process is imperative for your own piece of mind. We take care of it all and keep you informed. We defend you in court and makes sure that you don't get caught up in the bureaucratic mess outside of it.

If you have any questions about your case, we will take the time to answer them. At LS&P Lawyers, you are not just another client. We want the best outcome for you and want you to be proud of your choice in representation. An attorney at our office is available now for a consultation.

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