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Attorneys Alan Lubiner and David Schmidt founded LS&P Lawyers in 1984 with a focus on providing tenacious legal defense for every New Jersey client, without the life-altering costs that many firms charge their clients. In the 30 years since being founded, LS&P Lawyers has continued to find success in criminal and immigration cases while expanding its team of attorneys.

Today, our legal team continues to fight against criminal charges and for the rights of immigrants in New Jersey, all while keeping representation at a reasonable cost. We know that no two cases are alike and work to craft legal cases around the unique needs of each client that we serve. While we work in criminal and immigration law, our attorneys have the skills and resources needed to find success in your case. Our track record proves it.

Attorney Alan Lubiner has an extensive background in immigration law. Besides years spent protecting the futures of those who have come to the United States in search of a brighter future, he previously served as an Immigration Officer, a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney working with the Select Commission on Immigration in Washington, D.C., and is both an author and a speaker for immigration rights.

Attorney David Schmidt started out as a New York City criminal prosecutor, but quickly turned to defending clients from devastating charges in court. Over the course of decades, he has successfully defended clients in criminal and civil cases on both the state and federal level. Mr. Schmidt tackles these difficult cases using his in-depth knowledge and insight gained from decades of success in order to protect the well being and futures of defendants and their loved ones.

Together with a team of skilled attorneys, Alan Lubiner and David Schmidt have spared thousands of clients throughout New Jersey from the life-changing harm that comes from being convicted of a crime or losing rights as an immigrant. No matter the size and scope of your case, we will attack it and fight back against prosecutors with a determination and strength that will surprise even you.

If you are facing legal action, do not wait to get in touch with the legal team at LS&P Lawyers. Call us at (908) 709-0500 and receive a no-cost consultation. The insight you gain will help you make the right decisions in your case and begin the path to success today.