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Milltown Municipal Court

ADDRESS: 39 Washington Ave. Milltown, NJ 08850
PHONE: (732) 247-3936
COURT SESSIONS: Every Thursday at 6:30 PM
JUDGE: Hon. Karl R. Meyertons
PROSECUTOR: Robert Seguin, Esq.

Milltown Municipal Court and Drunk Driving Defense

Our municipal court defense attorneys are some of the most experienced in New Jersey. Over the last 35 years we have appeared routinely in many municipal courts throughout the state. Our experience and record of success has allowed us to try hundreds of cases to a not guilty verdict. Being arrested for drunk driving is very serious. New Jersey DWI law is strict and complex. Having effective legal representation is important. Whether you have been arrested for DWI, a criminal offense or just received a traffic ticket, contact us immediately. No crime is too minor. We are available day and night at 908-709-0500.

Why is my Case in Milltown Municipal Court?

Like municipal courts throughout the state, Milltown Municipal court is responsible for handling disorderly persons offenses and traffic violations. This includes DWIs since they are technically considered a motor vehicle violation. However, whether you’ve been charged with DWI or a disorderly persons offense, it should be taken seriously. Even though these are not the worst crimes to commit, a conviction will ensue substantial consequences. While Milltown is a small borough, the Milltown Municipal Court hears many disorderly offenses, DWI charges, and traffic violations. You should seek professional legal help if you are facing charges of any kind in this court. Our lawyers will use their extensive knowledge and prior experience to advocate for you.

The Milltown Municipal Court is presided over by Hon. Karl R. Meyertons. He received his law degree from Rutgers University School of Law and has been practicing for over 50 years.

About Milltown

Milltown is a borough of just under 7,000 between North and East Brunswick. It is a very densely populated area, which could explain its relatively high rate of property crime compared to most of New Jersey. However, it is still much lower than the national average. People going through Milltown tend to go as fast as they would on the busier streets of North and East Brunswick. However, the speed limit is much lower in Milltown, which means traffic stops occur frequently and speeding tickets are given out regularly. The town also writes a large amount of DWI charges for a small town. The municipal courthouse in Milltown routinely hears 10-15 disorderly persons cases and 15-20 DWI infractions and moving violations weekly.

At LS&P Lawyers will work with you to help combat your charge in court. We are located at 123 North Union Ave in Cranford, NJ 07016.

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