The District Office of USCIS, formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service, is located at 970 Broad Street, in Newark, New Jersey.

LS&P Lawyers has been practicing law in New Jersey and handling cases at the Newark Office of Immigration/USCIS for over 35 years. As a former Immigration Officer, Alan Lubiner has handled thousands of cases, both at the adjudicatory level and before the Immigration Court which is also located in Newark, NJ . If you have an Immigration case, either to sponsor a relative, be sponsored by a relative or you are under removal proceedings at the Newark Immigration Court, our office is available for a 24/7 free consultation. If you or a relative or friend is in immigration detention, we can make arrangements to visit in jail to determine what avenues of relief are available. If there has been bail set by Immigration we might be able to reduce it. The key to a good defense is early intervention.

Currently there are five Immigration Judges serving the Newark Immigration Court:

  • Leo A. Finston
  • Annie S. Garcy
  • Amiena A. Khan
  • Margaret R. Reichenberg
  • Alberto J. Riefkohl

These judges preside over all of the immigration cases in the Newark District, except for the cases handled in the Elizabeth Immigration Court.

Cases include removal proceedings, review of cases involving removal of conditional status, asylum cases and deal with issues too numerous to mention. It is essential that you retain an experienced immigration attorney to assist you in your case. LS&P Lawyers can offer a consultation to assess your case and provide you with the possible avenues of relief. There have been many changes in the laws over the years and LS&P Lawyers can guide you through the process and assist in presenting the best possible defense.

If you have an adjudicatory matter such as an adjustment of status, naturalization or removal of conditional status, the experienced attorneys at LS&P Lawyers can provide expertise in handling your immigration case and appear with you in Newark, NJ to give the opportunity at the best possible outcome.

Our experienced attorneys will handle your case from the beginning to its successful conclusion. Call us for a free consultation at: 1 (844) 288-7978 or (908) 709-0500.