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LS&P Lawyers has been practicing law in Union County for over 35 years. As a former prosecutor and experience criminal defense lawyer, David Schmidt has numerous impressive trial victories under his belt and achieved improbable outcomes for his clients. If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense in Union County, our office is available for a free 24/7 consultation. If you or a loved one is in jail, we can make arrangements to visit in jail. If the bail set by the court is too high, we can make a motion to reduce it. Early attorney involvement is essential to a strong defense. We can help now.

The Union County Superior Court is located at 2 Broad St. in Elizabeth New Jersey. The Superior Court has jurisdiction over all indictable offenses. Indictable offenses are the same as felony charges; except that you have the right to a grand jury in New Jersey, a body of individuals who sits to determine if the charges and allegations are sufficient for the case to continue. A grand jury is not a trial, and defendant participation is unusual, but not out of the questions.

There are several judges that preside over criminal cases in the Superior Court. They are with location:

  • Judge Robert J. Mega, P.J.S.C. , Annex, 4th Floor
  • Regina Caulfield, J.S.C., Annex, 2nd Floor
  • Joseph P. Donohue, J.S.C., Annex, 3rd Floor
  • Frederic R. McDaniel, J.S.C., Annex 2nd Floor
  • Scott J. Moynihan, J.S.C. Annex, 4th Floor

In addition, Judge Gross is the presiding judge of the Union County Municipal Courts and takes care of the first appearance calendar.

There are a number of administrative steps in the criminal process. A consultation with an attorney from our Firm will give you the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence. Understanding your charge and the way the criminal justice system operates in Union County is an important step in making the right choices.

The Union County Superior Court presides over all Title 2C crimes. Drug offenses such as cocaine, heroin, and prescription pill possession and distribution charges are common cases for the court to hear. Theft offenses, assault, robbery, gun and weapon possession, and sex related crimes are also prevalent.

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