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Cranford Speeding Ticket Attorneys

We have successfully represented clients for over 25 years for speeding tickets issued by the Cranford Police Department. If you were issued a speeding ticket under NJS 39:4-98 by the Cranford Police it will be handled in Cranford Municipal Court. Our offices of LS&P Lawyers are located directly across the street from the courthouse resulting in our attorneys appearing there on a regular basis. Our attorneys have been appearing in Cranford court for years and are familiar with the court staff and personal. In addition, our personable approach coupled with our legal expertise in dealing with these matters will help make this an easier experience for you. Cranford is located in Union County and is very close to the Parkway. This location makes it a great place to commute to and from work, however, the proximity to the parkway also results in a greater volume of tickets being issued.

If you were issued a speeding ticket in Cranford, it is important to speak to an experienced Cranford Traffic attorney. The ramifications of being found guilty for Speeding in Cranford can be serious. A guilty finding could result in a loss of your driving privileges as well as motor vehicle points being assessed. In addition, being found guilty for speeding can have a negative impact on your insurance premiums as well.

Speeding tickets are classified by how much you were exceeding the speed limit by. It is not a defense to claim that the speed limit was not posted.

  • Exceeding the speed limit by 1 to 14 mph over the limit is 2 points.
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 15 to 29 mph over the limit is 4 points.
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 30 or more mph over the limit is 5 points.

In all speeding tickets cases, the ticket issued must have written on its face, the speed at which you were allegedly driving, the speed which is prima facie unlawful, and the time and place of the alleged violation. If the officer issued your ticket based on Radar, there are various pieces of evidence that should be requested of the State and that you are absolutely entitled to as the defense. For example, you are entitled to the radar calibrations as well as the tuning fork certificates. In addition, the officer must provide for the defense, the time, place and location of the radar device at the time he made the reading. He must also establish that he is a qualified operator of the device.

Using radar is just one way an officer might prove you were speeding. He may also pace you by using his own car and speedometer to prove you were speeding. If this was the officer’s method, then he must also provide proof that his own speedometer was calibrated correctly. In addition, in order to prove the case, the officer must prove he maintained a constant distance between his vehicle and your vehicle long enough to accurately estimate your speed.

As you can see, speeding cases can be complicated to defend. At LS&P Lawyers we have defended many drivers against speeding violations. We have used our expertise in municipal court to get tickets reduced to non-point violations or even completely dismissed. You can be sure that we will work tirelessly on your behalf for the best possible outcome.

If you were given a speeding ticket and would like to consult with a lawyer at no charge, call LS&P Lawyers at 908-709-0500.

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