Motor Vehicle Suspension Hearing Attorneys

When you opened your mail today did you have a Scheduled Suspension Notice waiting for you? There are numerous reasons why the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission may be suspending your license. Perhaps you have accumulated too many points or you didn’t pay surcharges. Whatever the reason for the proposed suspension, it is extremely important to hire an attorney when faced with this notice. Typically, the Scheduled Suspension Notice will alert you to the date the suspension is set to begin and for how long. If you receive this letter and simply do nothing your license will be suspended on the date listed. However, you have the right to request a hearing to challenge the suspension. The motor vehicle commission (MVC) can deny your request for a hearing. A request for a hearing must be in writing, must be submitted by a certain date and it must set forth a compelling argument as to why you should receive a hearing. If your request is denied the suspension will take place. This is why it is so crucial to hire an attorney to handle this for you.

At Lubiner, Schmidt & Palumbo our attorneys routinely represent individuals facing a license suspension. We will handle your case from start to finish.

If you have received a Scheduled Suspension Notice and have been granted a hearing you and your attorney will meet with a representative of the MVC where your attorney will be able to advocate for no suspension or a lesser penalty. Although the hearing is a bit of an informal proceeding because it does not take place in a courtroom or in front of a jury it is still extremely important and should be taken seriously. The outcome of the hearing will determine whether your driving privileges will be suspended.

Your license suspension could negatively affect your job, your ability to take care of children and/or loved ones and so much more. If you have received a Scheduled Suspension Notice from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission call us today to get an experienced attorney on your side. At Lubiner, Schmidt & Palumbo we have had great success in helping individuals facing a license suspension! We are available 24/7 at 908-709-0500.