Clark Traffic Ticket Attorneys

At LS&P Lawyers we are veteran traffic ticket lawyers. Together we have nearly four decades of experience fighting traffic ticket offenses for our clients. We are located close to Clark Municipal Court and appear there on a regular and frequent basis. If you have been issued a ticket for any driving or traffic offense schedule a FREE consultation with us immediately. We offer a comfortable personable approach of a small firm with the expertise and knowledge of a large firm. At LS&P Lawyers we pride ourselves on offering superior legal representation for a fair and affordable price.

Clark, New Jersey is located in Union County. It is situated alongside the Garden State Parkway drawing many commuters, locals and travelers to the town. Due to its location and heavy traffic volume, the Clark Municipal Court is one of the busiest Traffic ticket courts in the state. Clark Municipal Court handles all traffic violations and offenses. Some of the most common offenses are:

There tends to be a common misconception that it is unnecessary to hire a lawyer for a simple traffic ticket. However, many New Jersey traffic violations carry substantial penalties including expensive fines and points. Traffic infractions such as speeding or careless driving carry four to five points. Even a simple failure to stop or improper/illegal turn carries two points. Depending on the amount of points you accumulate the DMV may revoke or suspend your license. In addition, insurance companies track the amount of points you have and will increase your premium for even minimal points.

Don’t let a traffic offense cause you a headache. Let us handle it for you! Paying a fee now could save you thousands later on. Call us at LS&P Lawyers at 908-709-0500. Someone is available 24/7 to take your call!