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Traffic tickets issued by the Cranford Police Department are handled in the Cranford Municipal Court. At LS&P Lawyers, our attorneys appear in Cranford Municipal Court frequently. Our office is located across the street from the courthouse resulting in our attorneys spending many hours there. Not only do we have the legal knowledge, skill and professionalism to help you beat your traffic ticket or criminal offense but we have a familiarity with the Cranford Municipal Court and the staff that many lawyers do not have. Our experience and personable approach will help make this difficult experience easier for you and your family.

Cranford is located in Union County, New Jersey and is situated along the Garden State Parkway. Its geographic location provides an easy commute to and from work. Along with local drivers, commuters amount to a significant amount of traffic throughout Cranford. Unfortunately, this results in a large number of traffic tickets issued on a daily basis.

If you were issued a traffic ticket in Cranford, it is imperative to speak with a Cranford Traffic Ticket Attorney because many traffic violations carry significant consequences. Along with heavy fines and fees, a traffic violation such as Speeding, Careless or Reckless Driving or Driving Without Insurance can result in a suspension of your driver’s license, community service, defensive driving courses and increased insurance premiums.

The Traffic Ticket Attorneys at LS&P Lawyers can represent you on any traffic violation you may be faced with including but not limited to:

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