Bail Reduction

The price of bail can be steep making it difficult for family members or loved ones to meet the requirement. The purpose of bail is to ensure the defendant will appear in court. Judges often set this at an extremely high amount of money. Unfortunately, many people cannot financially meet this demand. If someone you love has been arrested and the judge has set the bail at an impossibly high amount please contact us at LS&P Lawyers.

We have had great success in obtaining bail reductions for our clients including lowering the set bail amount and/or obtaining a 10% cash bail option. A 10% cash bail option often makes it financially possible for a defendant to post bail. This option means 10% of the set bail amount must be paid in cash and the other remaining 90% does not have to be paid unless the defendant fails to appear in court. Our attorneys have been very successful in obtaining the 10% cash bail option for our clients.

In order to receive a bail reduction we must argue a bail motion in front of the judge. When setting the bail amount judges consider a number of factors including:

  • The nature of the crime the defendant is charged with
  • The defendant’s reputation
  • The defendant’s criminal background/history
  • Employment status
  • Family relationships
  • And other factors that may illustrate the defendant’s overall character

We will persuasively argue every factor that we can in your favor in order to get the judge to agree to a reduction in bail. With over 30 years of experience assisting clients with bail reductions and representing them through trial we have developed the skill and strategy necessary to achieve favorable results.

At LS&P Lawyers we can represent individuals in need of a bail reduction for:

  • Marijuana offenses
  • Prescription drug offenses
  • Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Assault
  • Weapons charges

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us by phone or email to get our immediate assistance.