Have you been charged with Eluding the police under N.J.S.A. 2C:29-2b? Hire an experienced New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney


Did you find yourself in a scary situation and panic? Hearing sirens, seeing flashing lights and armed police officers coming toward you can be a traumatic experience and can trigger a gut reaction to run. Or maybe you knew you had something to hide such as the fact that you were driving while intoxicated or you had illegal drugs or weapons in the car and you chose not to stop for the police. No matter the circumstances, if you were forced to make a split second decision and you chose to run from the police you should hire experienced legal counsel to represent your interests in court.

Under New Jersey law N.J.S.A. 2C:29-2b, a person is guilty of eluding in the third degree if he knowingly flees or attempts to flee police by failing to come to a complete stop after being signaled - in some way - to do so. The offense will become 2nd degree if while eluding or attempting to elude police, the defendant created a risk of death or injury to any person.

An eluding charge is often accompanied by other charges such as reckless driving, DWI or possession of an illegal drug which, depending on the circumstances, can greatly increase your exposure to significant penalties. If an officer seeks to pull you over and turns on his lights and siren or in some other way signals you to stop, you must stop – immediately.

Eluding may not initially seem like a serious offense but it is and it carries with it serious penalties.

If convicted of eluding in the third degree, it is possible to face 3 – 5 years in prison. However, on a first offense, there is no presumption of incarceration. With the help of an experienced defense attorney you have a significant possibility of receiving a more lenient penalty. If convicted of eluding in the second degree crime there is a presumption of incarceration of 5 – 10 years in prison. In addition, regardless of the degree, you will face a driver’s license suspension for a period between six months and two years.

At LS&P Lawyers our seasoned defense attorneys work together to provide unmatched representation for our clients. If this is your first offense, our goal, short of an outright dismissal, will be to get you into the PTI (Pre-trial intervention) program in order to avoid a criminal conviction on your record. Located in Cranford, New Jersey, our lawyers at LS&P Lawyers have the skills and record of success needed to challenge the state’s case against you. Contact us anytime day or night, 7 days a week, to schedule a free initial consultation. Let us put your worries to rest.