Violation of Probation

Did you violate the terms of your probation?

You may be facing serious repercussions. Probation is often negotiated through plea bargaining as an alternative punishment to jail or given as a sentence for lesser degree crimes. Although it is certainly a more lenient punishment than imprisonment it still needs to be taken seriously. There are requirements and rules you need to follow. Depending on the terms of your probation you may be required to meet with your probation officer, be subjected to random drug/alcohol tests, and participate in counseling among other things. If you fail to do any of these requirements it is considered a violation of your probation. Also, a violation of probation (VOP) can result in a “no bail” warrant and if picked up for one, you will sit in county jail until the judge sees you.

Don’t face a probation violation on your own. It is best left up to an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation. At LS&P Lawyers our goal is aggressively advocate for our clients. We are attorneys you can trust!


Probation violations are brought before the judge through your probation officer and unfortunately it often becomes your word against his/hers. Importantly, the standard of proof is much lower than that of criminal trials. The prosecutor does not need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty and you are not entitled to a trial by jury. The judge will hear arguments from the prosecutor, probation officer and you. Based on what he heard, the judge will decide if you are in fact guilty of violating probation. If the judge finds you guilty, you may face the original sentence for your crime. This could have devastating effects on your life.

If you find yourself facing a term of probation, the best thing you can do is to play by the rules. However, if you have violated your probation, in any way, and now have to appear at a hearing, contact us LS&P Lawyers immediately. We have years of experience representing clients for these violations. Our reputation and familiarity with the courts, prosecutors and probation officers has allowed us to be very successful in helping our clients.