DWI and ICE enforcement

Has a member of your family recently been arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) based on a prior DWI conviction? If so, it is imperative that you retain competent counsel right away. At LS&P Lawyers our team includes skilled criminal defense and immigration attorneys with over 30 years of experience including a former prosecutor, certified DWI defense attorney and a former immigration officer.

Recently, individuals with a DWI conviction within the last 5 years have become the target of an enforcement operation by ICE. These individuals are not arrested in connection with some other ICE operation but solely because of their DWI conviction.

If someone you know and love has been picked up by ICE because of a prior DWI please contact our office to schedule a free consultation with our experienced immigration and criminal defense lawyers.

This recent push by ICE to arrest and possibly deport individuals with DWI convictions is just one example of why it is extremely important to retain counsel immediately after an arrest for DWI. Avoiding a DWI conviction altogether is the only way to guarantee you will not be faced with unforeseen consequences such as these in the future.

At LS&P Lawyers our goal from start to finish is to advocate aggressively on behalf of our clients to avoid a conviction. The first thing we will do is review the details of your case, including reviewing the arrest report and citation. We will look closely to determine if the police and prosecutor have followed proper procedure. We will look at things such as:

  • Did the officer have reasonable suspicion to pull you over?
  • Did the officer have probable cause to arrest you?
  • Did the officer follow proper procedure in administering the field sobriety tests or Alcotest?
  • Has the prosecutor turned over all discovery materials?

The inadmissibility of certain evidence can drastically tip the scales in your favor. At LS&P Lawyers our certifications in both the Alcotest machine and the field sobriety tests allow us to know what the officers are supposed to do and the problems that may arise. If you have been arrested for DWI meet with us to discuss your case in detail! We are available 24/7.